Writing Challenge

Hey expression monkeys. As we start to thaw out from the winter (mostly) and raise the 2022 energy, let us keep the creative juices flowing.

Theme: manifestations

Rules: no rules, don’t think. Any length.

Here is mine:

Bring it in divine mama

With no regard to postures for people that don’t feel the vibe

Bring it on divine papa

Without fitting into the box of conformity for photo op sake

Make it happen Holy Spirit, all my dreams come true

Use me elementals through words and gesture that make talk cheap and doing peak

I meet you half way

No more time to play; lest the play is the thing

You do the rest

Magnetize my world


Elevate my style

Done with your test

Feeling kinda good

Watching all my beauty

I only want the


Out of the ashes

Rising out of the ashes

Looking into the newness of another tomorrow

thanking the heavy rain that lifts the snow to a form of transmutation

holding your image against the other side of grief

welcoming smiles that leaves no sigh

and rights all wrong

Crusty and weathered

tickling a spot so far down

It can’t be seen with regular gaze

feathers watching the owl screeching it’s mating song to annoyed pelicans

blessing the bottomless pit which ends in infinity

Bursting open with words of possibilities

manifesting visions thought dead

burning off patterns marking the beginning of time

forcing itself from the fire of doubt

making it all better in its own redemption to live another holy day

Out of the ashes


Can we have something deeper

Past the obvious

Beyond defenses and battle scars

Will dust settle to see eyelashes

Short breath

and tremble hands

can reconciliation be part of this contract

when does the new earth begin

how do sleeping dogs lie

without skimping on the real raw


placed in between vengeance

and hurt feelings

Can they go deeper

Bigger than a label

Making a prisoner of weak minds

Servants of lonely hearts

Struggling to gain the truth so lies become the norm

How hard they try to comply and make you proud

How invisible they sit

In line at the med station

Can you go deeper

and look at me

as you

Twisted by fate and distorted by design

Happy to forget

but knowing never lets it be

Will I get deep

and ask to be seen

In a way that is not so pretty

but shows beauty to the ones with courage

To view it all




Killed their love

Infatuation stale in distant memory

Rubbing our noses in it

Two gifted minds

Putting each other down

To prove their worth

Molding the children

To save scraps of broken dreams

Boxing it in

Suffocated by empty ambition

Wrapped up in faded glory

Telling meaningless tales at the table

Competition killed their kindness

Leaving us in the shadows of fantasy

And falsehood

Bathing the babies in disappointment

And wet blankets

Raining down on the parade

forced among the path

Competition killed their shine

Two shells wandering aimless

Redirecting spotlight towards peanuts

And karaoke

Vicarious living

spread thin by moonlight

Killing their legacy

By competition