Y’es sir

jesus cross

A no good thug
A colored boy mulatto
Not raised right
Disrespecting the law
A criminal at the core of his DNA negro
Strip him down of all his humanity
Revoke his right to vote and set him off to fight the fires of the white wealthy for chump change
But no it’s not about race
Mis-educate him and leave him to fend for himself among the chaos that is his history
We all done deserve what comes to us if we don’t keep our nose clean
Concrete wall paper and liquor store hallways are no excuse
Pull yourself up ingrate
I did it
I got by
I succeeded
No one paved the way for me
Slavery has nothing to do with the politeness I choose to put in my voice
Bus boycotts and water hose beatings did not touch my college fund
Crack, Heroine, dead beat dads and single moms has nothing to do with my inheritance of love
My suburban security and ambition has no bearing on your decision to
Act a fool
Pull your pants up and speak to me proper boy
A bullet in the head helps the heart of this civilization make peace on the dead souls of your ancestors

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