Devil in the Moonlight

Hold tight little girl

wide open toward a new type of life

surrounded by chaos and broken dreams made to observe.

Dull mumble roar

Possibilities pressured upon a future outcome

Holding dignity for a family frozen in a picture perfect wasteland

Insignificant words that matter not to a circle of best intentions

Wonder gushing out of her pores that have no choice

The angel beckons to dance on her grave exposing comic relief of the other side

Sting in the flesh of dirt piles left behind

Elite new england stuffery snaps jealous poison on a meter not worth a dam

Dipped desire to verse that stands.

The little girl shivers touched by meaning made real through death cuz the living requires too much for weary bones to make time for.

Another baby born for a brief luster getting a do over

Chance at redemption to slay the dragon, praying that adult frustrations of wounded ego don’t scape goat the child in discipline and stand up straight

Passing on seconds of buttery potatoes and clever conversation in the hot sun melting the glass around her lemonade

Jumping through the hose spray grasped tightly by my brother’s thumb caught up in cackle laugh that feels like eternity

She only wanted love and found it to be her last supper quenching that thirsty spirit in enough of a mark to visit dreams and skate on tear drops

Final flowers pressed in postcards bound half hazard in costume pigtails in the back of an album somewhere that we aught to check

The girls hold hands making promises of bff and please forgive me in the event of separation, marriage or just plain bitterness

Memories are plenty to shape into a life well lived and curiosity for whats to come in the whispers you lay patiently in our mind and the devil that peeks behind our moonlight.IMG_0383

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