Do I hear Happiness in there#!?onceIwas7yrsold

A birdie suggested I take out the photo so that it is easier to read so I am re blogging it. Enjoy.

Maya Rose

Minimum requirement for life pinched off

up the mountain blindly climbing
Receiving bread crumbs in thankless blood, sweat and tears

Minimum wage slapped the hand that feeds fast food bellies

to vote for more struggle in martyred justification

Holding your bladder in frozen smile lined up for the next task

Holy glory in overtime saving complaints to look good to the almighty

Dragging hollow bones to the time clock grumbling undigested cornflakes in the gut

Minimum expectation weaved and mined in dungeons our grandfather’s built

Speeding up the hamster wheel to trick reality into smelling plastic pansies

Walls closing in, hung with color pictures of conversational oasis

The gall I shame you to insist your feet soak in the tub to break blisters on the concrete floor

Retro fit the golden coffin nobly entitled to work ethic blue collar pride

Hyenas wander the ledges keeping out spiders gated throughout cookie…

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