Old fashion love poem

There you were as I peeked around the corner flashing me with those wide god eyes

Washing away my shame and wiping star dust off my heart

On a rainbow bridge skipping to the place in the sun carved of lovers and bubbles made of roses

Strawberry sent reflects in the mirror casting out the shadow of doubt painted with everlast and evermore

My hand glued to the electricity of me and you with butterflies singing familiar tunes to relate to

I finish your thought without a sound reverberating off the silhouette of merging flesh

Let me drink off your brain drops as you gather all my heartbeats

The place where love out weighs fear and all that troubles you meets ears erect

Syncopated step and leaving no man behind as we gallop into the night sky to feel the moon beams on our naked skin

Twin flame heat igniting the world to see nothing but the essence of our joy and the story of love’s hope

Moving mountains to tell the tale beyond the forefathers sight

No domination here only giggles and dandelions

Crushing the lie and hiding the boundary wrapped tight in combined arms solid in gentle hugs.




Accepting love donations to contribute to my writing quest. No amount is too small to keep the dream alive. "A buck don't suck"


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