Butterfly Thoughtz

IMG_1015Hello inner child have you talked to me today.  What automatic moves directs these grown up feet.  One for my mother and one for my father.

Can you appreciate Paris nights and Hawaiian trees that bricks your path.

Have you a silken handkerchief to say goodbye to Amen and Lbud with angel wings to watch down the aisle.

Can you laugh and reminisce with me over mr not there and sir cares a not.  Cheerleader to dream of unity and a soft place to fall.

Imagine gray hairs and popping veins.  Picking out memories that fearless slumber parties made magic of endless time.  Your patience through road trips to find the independent spirit thought to be loneliness to complete a cycle that your baby eyes could never know.

I can fix this problem that your tiny hands pulled from my chest.  Twilight years joking at needless suffering from stories in the brain.  Entertaining a trajectory of power tucked away in the feathers of a phoenix.

Rest now little one for second sight breaks all barriers and tucks the missing pieces gracefully into drops of diamond and shimmer; hearing your song in the background of these thoughts.

Feeling each arm reached peaceful in everlasting hugs and worth it all.



Accepting heartfelt donations of any amount. Deep appreciation and thank you for helping me keep the dream alive.





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