Real Man

Real man

Loving a woman secure and sweet

Giving peace and trust

No need to sweep me off my feet

Cuz these toes are grounded

I know who I am

Not looking for a savior

Just a

Real man

Pays his own bills

Owns his own crib

Not afraid to sleep at Mine

Cuz the power’s not just his

Equal in every way

Still he knows how to treat me right

Surprises unexpected

Kiss me soft throughout the night

A vision both we share

Supporting all my dreams

I stand firm by my real man

Grown beyond the squirm and scheme

A real man

True man

No lady looks but me

No hiding



Belonging feels so free

Forever and together

No fear to be alone

Real men don’t text

Y’all know how to use the phone

A heart wide open

No secrets to unlock

My real man

Knows his flaws with no excuses popping blocks

Priority on his list

No haste to stepping up

I give him all the same

Cuz a Real man

I ain’t be giving up

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