You can’t judge a priest

rape the boy’s

Holy Ghost

Jesus lord.

They gotta be stopped like the cop killing young in the streets

hold your nose.

You best give up all your lying and your cheating broke their backs, on butts the poor.

You better give up now its time

Save your soul. Bow your head

before the lord.

The prison line

The gas line

we deem fine

Redefine the


Upon our native soil.

goddess now

cleanse and bow

detach y’all

from the oil.

The sun can guide

charge your ride

light up your life

A circle has No sides

Shift the note reset your vote


through what you buy



My brother

Earth mother

One life one life

do it right

before you die

One life

One life

Do it right

Before you die

One life……One life do it right

Before you die

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