Belonging reload

Running full speed into a pool of polite banter and drinks at the bar

Flooded with polluted water immersed in microscopic dust tainting the illusion of unity.

Stripping away my own desperate plea to belong in a world that finds me rotating on a separate planet design for an audience of one.

Finding peace in a solitude of deep reflection repelling kindergarten games of hide and seek and gossip meant to attach to a an impenetrable wall set up by the maze of self discovery.

Belonging to nothing and embracing it all to seek out the bff that we carry with us from cradle to grave swallowing us up in a grace of release.

Authentic to the boundaries of respect and quality time valued by the essence of my language of love.

Physical embrace by memories of battles won and courage to dare it all alone with the unity of divine acceptance sprouting through the clouds in the brain and sorrow of the soul.

Etched projections of the belief of worthiness in which Inherent innocence provides.

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