Jealous Englishman warning me to go out the window and jump into the barrel of swords erect piercing her yoni.

She lies so well on false flame dead to me and holding breath waiting to see me squirm.

No sight or ear to the wind on how a tower destruction undermines the coconuts banging at the moat.

Knockin on deafs door as crazy projection I am possessed to be as trusting fool enmeshed with faulty vision..

A contract from yesteryear and gone on yor past the daffodils in woolworth’s saloon.

A castle to Rapunzel making men into long haired ladies and cutting off their balls to roll down the alley way.

Scoring a perfect 10

with colored lips and a wiggy smile

dressed up like Klondike bars and Marlboro lites.

A magic spell scented in twin peaks and skullcap misting a laughter that the joke is on


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