Writing challenge

Hello expressionist,

So this writing challenge I am going to label as advanced; however those who know me know that I don’t necessarily believe in such rigid categories. As with my improv classes I point out how sometimes the most green performers can come out with the most sophisticated materials. When you are a newbie your not as stuck on the rules and the rigid self conscious captains that are there to mark your progress. I do like distinctions though so that people don’t get overwhelmed and set themselves up for failure.

I am considering this as advanced since I myself am finding it extremely challenging and I have been performing since I was 7 years old but you may have a different experience.

So here it is: uncensored writing. Allow yourself to write, post or perform a piece as if you opened up a half shaken can of soda pop. Let err rip and make no apologies. I usually post an example but if you have been following my work you will see a plethora of examples.

Enjoy and be sure to share your work or your progress in the comments. good luck.

Let it go. Let it flow.

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