Hey ladies…

Hey What….

Hey ladies…

Hey What…

why do we need to prove our worth by the amount of money our men make?

In my 20’s the first question asked of me was where am i from

in my 30’s it was what do i do for a living

in my 40’s it is no longer a question but a concern not only that i don’t have a man or kids

but “maybe you will find a rich husband”

yeah that will make everything ok.

Hey men

Hey what

Hey men

Hey what

stop asking me why i am alone

ask me what i am reading

stop asking me why i have no children

ask me what project i am working on

stop asking me to be your sex toy without commitment

ask me what vision i have for my life.

Hey children

Hey what

Hey children

Hey what

be a friend

ask questions

be clear in your convictions

and aim higher than being

than having

a RichMan

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