RepublicansBeClueless DemocratsBeStupid

Democrats be stupid and republicans be clueless

They alllll’s done thank it is the vote holier than thou

and fight against blue collar privileges’ like going to the doctor

and workMan’s Comp.

I love those little old fashion annie faces on my little ketchup

packet from wendy’s.

Librals love the salads there, much more affordable than the buffet at holeFoods. So over prices so I just

Pick a few olives

and shove them in mA


when no one is looking of course.

Did I tellyou.

I ran into….. such n such…In line

at the store…..

the farmer’s kid from up the street….

you know the One….the one who supplies

those cute littlepickles I like toSample

at theFarmer’s


He is still so angry….. drought took his ethOonol

……i don’t get it…

crazy Dell red kneck voted for mitch when Nancy sStuttersS much Ssofter

swiss BANKSS and swedish MASSAGE.

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