A one hit wonder cornering me into the dusty spooky room.

The place with all the vinyl stacked in menagerie of glass

Peeking through the fragile parchments laid delicately under the ripped cellophane and ghosts of adhesive looked over by ritual comfort.

Peg the tail on the bright collage of golden frames with wonders through time.

married with children galore to be the spare in the fields of free love and roving reporter.

force laugh on cue to record this reunion with the usual banter of the trophy I love to polish to the faint shock of the toot alarm rining from my peephole in my bedroom door.

wishing to hear that record again on that special occasion someday after I serve others and have time to listen to your story of your #1 hit. applause.. pay it forward… Volunteer for those who have many hits that

will make

the world


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