I officially disown my parents. i am not 16 and though if i knew then what i knew now i would have made it official then. Oh the wonder of a do over. Yes it may have been harder to find food and shelter but six of one. I emancipate my parents. From a place now of all grown up and take the power back for my 12 year little girl who was sexually violated and then sent out into the world to be glitter and gab. I emancipate my parents. I disown them officially. Though they already did it to me but i am taking my power back for my 7 year old little girl who was sexually violated and then sent out to tap dance ribbons all around the town. Showing off my perfectly pristine skin on my face and scabs on my legs. I emancipate my parents. no longer mom or day or mama or dadda or poppa or mammy or mother or father. I emancipate my parents for my college self who open up her world and loved with no limits but had no tether outside the grades, honor roll and omega society kissing whore but no boot knocking on my dorm board. I emancipate my parents for the young 20 year old pregnant and alone in a foreign country facing the decision of being a parent myself and trusting that with no family support it probably is not a good idea. I emancipate my parents on behalf of the baby that was in my belly that never had a chance and the sperm egg that could have been in future if not for terror of going back to plan B or the puke pill each morn like alarm clocks. I disown my parents because they were the oven, the activities director and the warden passing out punishment and rewards for the hazing of “life is not for suckers” and “I had it worse than you so how dare you cry when I pull your hair”. My adult Leah. Leah joy we’re so glad your not a boy. pot belly. scabby legs. eats like a truck driver. thinks she is so perfect. The orphan of my childhood. The abandonment of my adolescence and the exile of my grown up. In honor of myslef. Leah. leah joy we’re so glad your not a boy and all other parts of me for better or worse I Disown my parents. I have not parents. I have a sperm and egg donor named John and Ruthann. I had a gestation oven called Jppearson and Cookie Bachren. I have a heritage of german african and cherokee inherited from my incubators JohnDick and Ruthyoni…. i emancipate my parents. i should have done it long ago but as my parents always said “shoulda coulda woulda……….get over it…”

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