loyal lusty obsession waking me up at night grasping at a floating heart on naked skin

blocking a sensible eye to entertain mr post man smiling sparkle to a game of cards.

I can’t quite put my finger on it

but my body charges shocks of painful electricity inside the brain when jumping feels too far.

Too young I excuse keeping poker chips off the table thoughts and excuses to a false loyalty

on a floating heart on naked skin.

So close I can touch it if I want each day through rain, snow and whatever the whether we be together

checking the mailbox for loyal phantom stuck in the E tower.

Smile to smile

banter of delight

Interest to interest

I swat back down to

loyal fantasy on a floating heart

on naked skin.

Flesh and bone sniffing at my driveway in sweetness and innocence that has seen it all

but I can’t budge

suspended in sitcom flirtation making a mystery of me that adds to the passion.

He is new and un jaded

I seem ready to retire from love scars and a rehash of get to know you

but I lie

I fear

a huge invisible weight regretted reacting subtle with every hmm and interesting

lip play and vocal thrust

just a kiss is just a kiss i wish seeing his sights on fun and play

but I am older

the excuse I use to stay in endless suspense to a twisted loyalty

to naked skin

on a floating heart

fog in my way

to pray is just to kiss away

false loyalty.

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