If I were a boy

I would have no feeling to make me weak and hurt myself in awkward silence

If I were a Dad

I would hide all the pain to compete with those who use anger propped up to authority

If I were a male

I would hide the wound covered in a “what’s wrong with you”

If I were Hurt

my feelings be invalid and forced to the streets in government protest

If I were a boy

I would pride my work and change the world with a pretty girl by my side to host the tenderness

If I were a Dad

I would preach what is right making all stone armies the channel for worthiness

If I were a Male

I would sit tight until retirement and bathe in making it through too much lady energy

If I were Hurt

I would smash my tonka trucks and bully my sisters to, not be perfectly behaved; like them

If I were a Human

I would allow men to be men and woman to be woman

If I were uplifted

I would stop judging ambition riding on a motivation built on fear hidden

If I were real

I would believe that equality is not a melding of minds

but a meeting of compromise

If I were healed

I would put rage in the moment of seeing us and remove the gun that carries it

If I were advanced

I would stop convincing men to be woman and woman to be men

If I were a teacher

I would reject the status quotient despite the critical backlash

If I were an earthling

I would let go of the posture of I don’t need nobody and god will reward me in the afterlife

If I were a Parent

I would repattern myself first before raining on the parade of the chosen people

smashing tonka trucks

as boys must


keeping her elbows off the table like a lady

in waiting

for Hurt


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