Who controls your life?

There is a secret force driving all our actions, who is at the wheel.

Am I In charge or does a collection of experience point down one rigid path.

Do the parents run our lives at 10, 40 or 80, lecturing us beyond the grave

How would our friends react if the path takes a turn and heart leads the way

Who is in control?

Spirit contracts forcing us to combat deception and manipulate as a honor at the pearly gates

Jesus, Abraham, Einstein and a dogma we don’t dare defy

Who is in control?

Celebrities and CEO’s checking for lipstick on the collar and investments in social media

Who is in control?

The feelings we are not allowed to have and emptiness locked in addiction

Who is in Control?

Free will or will you set me free angels and atheist looking good but matters not.

There is no control

Just surrender and do better

Contrast and compassion

Forgiveness and insight

To make us feel that who in the mirror

In Control

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