asleep march 13th

barrage no biggy white face smiling


just a flea black face to boot not blue so who are you


worse nightmare we lock our doors for who. but white face smiling always gets through

Video game simulation all that training not gone to waste

zzzz,,,,,,,,,z,,,,,,asleep march 13th

white face smiling


never saw it coming blood bath on fitted sheets

justice in the streets white face smiling

don’t go to sleep

,,,,,,,zzzzzzzz,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,one eye to the door

march 13th and a twenty dollar bill

white face smiling

don’t walk the streets

hold your breath ,,,zzzzz,,,,,,,,,,,,justified white face smiling

shut your mouth and maybe brains won’t be..zzzzz…….. blown

no guarantee white face smiling


march 13th…zzzzz…,,,,,,zzzzz,,,,,

another annoyance..zzzzzzz. white face smiling.

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