you play your game so well of

strong force of nature

making meals out of flights of fancy and stories left to the imagination

turning my gaze into a clever


I call you out knowing it is my own face before me

showing all the ways not to be


pleasing a crowd half blurred by alcohol

holding them just above satisfaction

keeping the transperancy at bay

like a light switch to turn on at the convenience of your own praise

making all sense and witness into a


against your own ambition

fitted so nicely in the box

just above satisfaction

The cream on top of spoiled milk

diluting their ears with the medicine that keeps them listening

just above reality

seeing my own shadow and desperate to wash it away


scaring the insects away from the honey

toppling all dreams of being seen at a distance

part time lovers need apply keeping you just above

water and feeling

A parade for accomplishing what many men aim for

clinging to stay on top

away from prickles and argument just above


the heaviest


lost among autographs and hero’s salute

body melts softly by the subtle smoke of opium

hiding all flaws

keeping the game going to grasp one note of legacy

ignited by a flame scorching those who don’t fit the billing

holding tight lipped to the chorus of groundlings

offering up no


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