What was it all for?

The air has grown quiet after this global pandemic but what was it all for? Yes!!!! We have a vaccine but was that the only triumph to come out of the bloodshed and shutdowns. Has our healthcare system stopped monetizing pain and disease, separating the well off from the lost causes in the eyes of society; thinning out the herd immunity. Will wage disparity magically be fixed even though a minimum wage meets no individuals needs for the basics, let alone a full gas tank. Do the police have a better understanding that murdering a nurse by “mistake” is something that, not only shouldn’t happen but, can’t happen again.

What was it all for? A new president allows ordinary folks to feel ok sending their children back into a world of Lanza drills and lock the door before leaving the room. Migrant kids at the border will be sorted eventually and policy takes time so pay no attention to business as usual. Tax money helps a body of government entitled to stall and take the podium in hopes of raising more money from those who don’t have time to fix other people’s problems. Thankfully you are still invited to dinner conversation to air political difference to the relative in the red hat and blue undies.

What was it all for? Holy men and woman have found a deeper faith in coming together to meditate on a condition that only group song can hide. What do you want from me; the soccer game starts in ten and I cast my vote towards an idealism that is supposed to do it for me. As long as there is a protest on the calendar, progress is inventible…… so is your part done. What is to complain about, change don’t happen in a day and there is too much work to be done at the copy machine to help the here and now. Paper won’t push itself, don’t ya know.

What was it all for? The next major disaster affords us to let it be and get out while some are ahead, luckily it is the respectable people who make for good magazine cover in my twitter feed.

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