Writing Challenge

Hello Expression Monkey’s. It is time for a writing challenge. Writing challenges are great way to allow yourself to let your imagination stretch and the unknown to bubble up within in you. The rules, no rules but I like to think less about it and let whatever words that pop into my brain to be laid out at their own directions. Here is mine… good luck..

Theme: Historic event you can’t shake from your interest.

The battle of yorktown

well really the american revolution

well really Alexander Hamiliton

who died on my birthday


well really Lin Manuel Miranda

a celebrity crush

leading me to

well a Hamilton obsession

brains and braun

idealistic with practicality

Alex not Lin

beauty and brilliance

creative with caring

Lin not Alex

can’t quite get enough

looking to see how we got it wrong




to entertain

an ignorant masses caught in the webb

waiting out time to get street cred

legendary battle

no matter

they bled

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