Orbs of light you beckon me to a door of endless questions

Flashing through like a daily parade enticing my yearning and spooking my senses

You catch the corner of my eye in a delicate silence leaving me confused

What words do you tell me or is your presence just enough

The business in my fragile mind must make purpose to be activated into the world

Still in silence you speckle the walls

No person do you represent like the flicker from the lamp

Not an Angel like my Lisa sending butterflies to my door

Never shapeshifting to dragonflies just Jack saying hello

Orbs you dance

Orbs you fly

Orbs you send me a fireworks show that should leave me delighted but false religion tells me no

If only you could speak

Humans love the speech

I need the talk

You just shine

Acknowledging my every mood regardless of my fear of judgement

is that what you tell me?

Only silence

Waking me up even when I sleep

Congratulating my courage

is this what you want me to know?

No sound

little balls of light

oval blobs of glow

A laser light show for my eyes only

This secret I don’t keep close in my search for answers that gets doors slammed in my face

I hide away so clever to a rational belief

The belief that keeps me interesting and never threatning

I can’t fight it anymore so I keep it closer to my heart

praying one day I will break open your clue box


a stillness made all too simple for my brainwashing to penetrate

Streamers on this ceiling

To witness, I guess

To ponder, I guess

To appreciate the silence of the vision as a world within itself

keeping me company to use the mind to go beyond the depth

bringing it back to Silence

The silence of the ballet put on for me alone

Dissecting and dismantling, as the sapient brain must do

These Orbs

A cosmic lightshow as my constant guest.

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