Gun Control

The bell rang

Reading, writing and arithmetic in between “bad guy drills”

Gun Control

Sex ed, mental health and mindfullness, money management

No Gun Control!!

Science, Essays and standardize testing in between “fire drills”

Gun Control

Emotional communication, problem solving, kindness

No Gun Control!!

Mr. Roger’s neighborhood, shared assets, “stop on by”

No Gun Control!

Prom, homecoming, fundraisers in between “just say no to drugs”

Gun Control

Healthcare, investment assistance and meaningful work in between “nanny search”

Gun Control

Nightly news, town halls, donations in between fancy dinners

Gun Control

Distribute the wealth, equality, civics

No Gun Conrol!!

Change on the backburner

Dollars in their pocket

Cover the girls up

Give the boys a weight room

Gun Control

No Gun Control!!!

Such is life on the screen…. until the screams hit your town

No Gun Control and a billboard until the next election…..

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