I see you winking at me from aisle three at The depot.

meet me at the checkout where I’ll be skimming through the magazines and you flicking those bics.

You caught me last week at wallMart shuffling my cart with the broken wheel, looking all disheveled

letting me go ahead with twenty items not ten, but who could tell anyway once you opened your mouth to smile.

Oh yum, so weak in the knees, good thing those mNm’s dropped off the shelf before I went down.

I noticed you at the drive through window, I pretend not to look from the counter given the girl dimes instead of quarters.

We gotta stop meeting like this…. how bout a walk about.. I’ll bring my list and you can bag, I’ll try not to reassemble it all to make it fit just perfect; luckily you know me better than that

This time make that line long and around the building so that I can get to know every ounce of you and you could touch every container of me….

my pantry is small and your fridge is bare

I’ll show up for you

go on now…… meet me there……..

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