The line of demarcation

separating the creative forces and all the things not supposed to be said

no filter or blurry edges searching for a place to belong

no belonging feels more comfortable to not brush up against spaces of misunderstanding

pushing down a rumbling that doesn’t want to comply at set against enmeshment and possession

this is how i lost you

at hello when all advice tried to keep us in line under the surface of spinning lobes

never thought I could anyway and be an upside down quark of independence

salty sweet

sexy shrew

shy confident

rigid in a flow pushing out one spot of spontaneous luster

deep yet shallow that insecurity will be satisfied by underground

no filter holding energy down with screens and screams to go beyond while staying contained

to meet you



peeking quietly at a sense of normalization which appeals to resistance that can be rebelled from




no filter to best its own creation pushing it farther away

setting confusion aside all lanes competing and compiling enough

exposed isolation

struggling to filter out the noise of judgement

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