He bought me a pole lamp

Not a diamond or gold but a pole lamp the bastard besides me

Do you hear me kids a pole lamp


He bought me a blender

Not a box of chocolates or a tropical honeymoon but a blender

Did you catch that bratty a blender


He knocked me up four times over. He wanted six to form a football team but left me abandoned to go to work.

Do you know my sacrifice children


Spanish girls don’t have abortions and if you fall in love baby boy who will take care of me

Do you get it spoiled ingrates


You owe me so why do you need a party for your birthday or graduation or that ridiculous item on that Christmas list

I put a roof over your head do you see that


He won’t hold hands with me on the beach

Or sit cuddle me in bed so I need you baby girl to be my best friend

Do you feel my love bomb little ones


How dare you lock that door

Under my roof

Eat my food

Watch my tv

Don’t you know that your diary is my only entertainment as a house hold drudge

Thanks to you

Thanks to him

And better than the neighbors that refuse to cut our side of the bushes

The ones with all that money but leave up a rusty mailbox making us look bad

I know you hear me

Through those headphones

That I paid for

On the telephone with those nasty friends that got my number who I never did like

Don’t you care about me most, do I need to yell it again offsprings


What did you say


Are you talking back


You won’t survive without me


Can I ring your neck


But I still love you so no tears and never complain. Heard?

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