Hello loneliness I love you

I feel you in my jaw causing tension in my throat

Floating down the side of my rib cage

Catching my breathe on bird wings and butterflies

Images in the back of the brain of love lost and settling down

Watching the twists and turns taking flight on the naval

Swimming in a pool of sunshine poking out the back

Fabulous loneliness pushing conversations towards any and all who wander

Human frailty cast upon isolation and fantasies of that face

Pressure to perfection in standing taller than the person I was before

Dainty loneliness how I hold you near

Comfort and care to place it at the center, with angels and cloud cover


Soul search

Nature and pixies

Matching its moan to songs of brighter days

Phenomenal loneliness

Equal in all stride

Kissing all sides of earth

Giving it a second chance at waking

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