Don’t come to my funeral

I want to live a long

Long long healthy life

But if I die before the Dawn

I tell you with no strife

Do not come to my funeral

I tell you don’t you dare

If you held no space for me I truly know you did not care

All the times you were too busy

Making other plans

No offer to sit beside me

Or hold out a loving hand

If distance made you complacent

Or drama made you scared

I don’t want you at my funeral

It’s too late to be repaired

If you can’t remember

the last time we had a walk

A chat

A drink

Or some coffee

Then your love was naught but talk

Please don’t come to my funeral

Shedding crocodile tears

No stories of the good days

Or memories of the years

You made your choice in choosing

To neglect this precious heart

And my sacred funeral will not

create a healthy start

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