Six degrees of separation haunting me with your presence.

A lover once turned enemy at the beckon call of those meant to destroy golden hearts.

Avoiding conflict at all cost to save the will that peels back the layers of deception.

different planets that house the same landscape looking out into the mirror that can’t be broken.

Hubble hugs girl in Hope of squeezing out a life of picture perfect smiles.

A happiness my heart could not hold and expectations that survive only in dreams.

Power left flat in your Sunday breakfast cakes while steeling silent looks over the newspaper.

Getting a do over in the next life as owls and butterflies explore the forest sucking nectar off the blooms.

Telepathic communication serving as redemption to a distorted situation in which friends and ego won’t allow to take flight.

May you be happy in her arms and sanctuary in your brain, finding the missing parts of you that I could never measure up to.

Six degrees of separation

keep us forever linked but never known.

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