Can we have something deeper

Past the obvious

Beyond defenses and battle scars

Will dust settle to see eyelashes

Short breath

and tremble hands

can reconciliation be part of this contract

when does the new earth begin

how do sleeping dogs lie

without skimping on the real raw


placed in between vengeance

and hurt feelings

Can they go deeper

Bigger than a label

Making a prisoner of weak minds

Servants of lonely hearts

Struggling to gain the truth so lies become the norm

How hard they try to comply and make you proud

How invisible they sit

In line at the med station

Can you go deeper

and look at me

as you

Twisted by fate and distorted by design

Happy to forget

but knowing never lets it be

Will I get deep

and ask to be seen

In a way that is not so pretty

but shows beauty to the ones with courage

To view it all


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