Divine Justice

The devil will drag you under

For a very short time

It can seem like forever when the shadow is cast

and the mud is smeared over the light beings

The prophets

The spiritual warriors

But divine justice always prevails

and strips away every ounce of demonic jealousy

pulling back the veil of a mission unbreaking

All is in favor for protected children of god

The chaos that engulfed faith has now been lifted

The enemies of pure hearts sit in the shrapnel of manipulation

Nothing goes unseen by Mother Nature

And 3d clinging won’t last for long

Alchemist of the soul shall inherit the earth

and intercede with the blessings of the high priestess

Serving the lady and lord of better days


trapped in the web meant to keep higher minds low

shudders now at the sight of redemption

and love makes for tremendous armor

Know your power




Allowing hidden figures to suffocate on their own defeat

A moth to a flame trying desperately to grab a piece

Your temple awaits your awakening

In this life

I pray

Yet the next is guaranteed

Faith dear Angels

Surrender to watch them slither back to never land

spirit reveals to redeem

And the wicked has no more place in truth



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