In search of a mission

Hello All,


As I navigate through this crazy world of online media, applications and technological apparatus, I seemed to have lost my welcoming post that I wrote last week.  I find it very fitting, considering that I have grown anxiously comfortable with pen and paper and begrudgingly gave myself permission to dip my toe into the blogging world.  One of the many challenges I am learning to overcome as I brave through my fear of sharing my inner world with the outer cyber-sphere.

Each day as I find myself inspired to write my pain, frustration, creativity and musings on facebook, I see the need to shift to a new forum;  One that will allow me to fully express that which needs to be expressed.  I joke with many about naming this blog “shit that pisses me off”, and if not for the fear of sounding too cynical, or bitter I would gladly do so.  More honestly I must find a title to capture the essence of my personal mission of beauty, truth, self-expression, and sustainability.  So as of now a title is TBA.  I see my writing as a baby that needs to experience the world before its personality can be assessed.   Like a child, grown and little alike, words needs freedom to be, say and do in order to use its wings.

I must always underscore that I am not an expert at anything and admit that I know absolutely nothing, though I hold strong opinions about everything.  I am wise enough to take my beliefs very seriously but not my credibility.  I am always open to passionate peaceful conversations; though please not on this site. Keep your written comments to ones of effective support and encouragement and If you have insightful information to educate me with, I am a phone call away…….

Let the journey begin….

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