Jobs at all cost….

Jobs.. jobs are what we Americans need…

Jobs at all cost.

Jobs despite the destruction; or at least that is the message I get from the latest BP commercial with the fancy lady bundled up in front of a glistening Alaskan mountain. Jobs are necessary,,,

Jobs are the holy grail to be sought and saved no matter what; or at least that is what I read in the NY times today as a summary of quotes by Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell.

Representing coal country and standing against carbon emission legislation.

Energy, fuel, global life juice is motivating a mad dash of wealthy developers to covet pristine Norwegian land; ironically made accessible through global warming melting of the glaciers.

To dig into the profitable underground rivers of oil.

Ends justify the means to satisfy our immediate necessity to create jobs….

Jobs…. the disguise used to help wealthy vultures gain more wealth.


I feel the pressure, I know the pain of un and under employment.

I have experienced the stress of knowing the job I have barely sustains

I have witnessed the grind that is not exactly healthy

No choice cuz you have to face the real fear

Without employment you are at the bottom of all life.

A penny in the pot is worth more than the misery of nothing.

Left out of the entertaining pleasures of life, let alone the survival tools of housing, food and clothing.

Aware tragically of the moral depression of being labeled and labeling yourself a “loser”, “lazy” and worse of all “unproductive”


The argument tugs at our heart-strings deeply because we all are susceptible to the same condition.

At any moment, in an instant, this could be us

So Jobs…

Jobs… at all cost.

The extreme wealthy found the winning formula to get the people at the Achilles’ heals.

Fear of utter financial alienation and worse

Fear of transportation annihilation…

Our cars are our freedom and I myself have been made panicked by a simple over night stay at the auto shop.

I fully believe the sun can provide all the energy needed. My brain can comprehend this reality.

I know there is more than enough wind and water to give us all the freedom we want.

My eyes find it evident.


But money…

Money at all cost

Immediate financial gain…

At this time, now.

This American style agreement.

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