Voter Apprehension Revisted

Calling all my hippie, new age, progressive, liberal, artist, tree hugging, democrat, wild woman, free spirited men and health food eating friends! I am appealing, inspiring, begging, dragging and convincing you to vote in the mid-term election.
I have heard the excuses, I understand the frustration;
Politicians suck, they lie, sell out to corporations, serve the war master, do nothing for you, me, us.
I hear you loud and clear but still nocropped photo excuse, none taken, cop out.
We are the ones; are we not, that value things like: the environment, education, equality, stability and peace.
We do don’t we? We say we do.
We drive a Prius, eat tofu, live in the woods, work hard, quote gurus or news commentators, live simple.
We do as many actions as we can.
We try our best to live up to our “highest consciousness”.
But we don’t vote.

I know this,
not cuz I really know for sure,
but I’ve had a small spit of experience;
:after plugging that experience into the mathematical formula applied to other people’s experience I discovered
that this exists.
When volunteering, last mid-terms, for the Jim Himes’ campaign I was educated to the following fact or theory, or what rings true to me.
They informed me that as “liberal, progressive, democrats” our demographic is actually larger than the “conservative, tea-party, republican, religious right”; however ALL of THEM come out to vote.

We do not.
I have had several friends; beautifully hearted, idealistic, revolutionary friends who do not vote.
They feel dis-empowered, unsure of the candidates, hateful of the system and all other reasonable negatives. I feel your pain. I really really feel your pain but still no excuses.

You’re carjacked by a drunk maniac who binds your hands.
Your only hope to get this nut out from behind the wheel, and most certainly killing you,
is from
the not drunk doopy guy.
The one who snuck into the back seat when the maniac got in.
He offers to take out the drunk driver, ghetto style, and take over the wheel.
he didn’t offer to unbind your hands, he’s doopy, but guess what?
There is another person at the corner who jumps in the car.
They see you and your struggle and offers to unbind your hands and drive your car. Nope
they won’t let you have the wheel and that sucks.
You are going on their ride.,
but hey guess what?
There is another friend a few blocks away.
She sees you, she believes in you and wants you to drive the car.
She offers to sit in the passenger seat to help you navigate in order to keep you on course.
It took a few blocks to get to her,
your trust was waging weary,
but man imagine if you stayed with the drunk guy.
Yeah you’d be dead.

Now for a moment, ponder this: the brave men and woman who fought for civil rights decided they wouldn’t participate in the system.
Cuz the system was broken.
A war in the streets.
Hopeless situation.
A Point in history that most certainly was.

Picture the world:
Segregation, would it be the law of the land?
Wonder how possible it would be that slavery would be practiced.
Maybe not in the big city, but how bout in the south; or the poorest communities.
A different style of being in this land for some.
Without that movement.
What started with a pedestrian revolution and “ended” with a vote.

Ok many of y’all can’t relate to issues of race, how about the woman’s movement. I like having the right to vote, and though I have fantasies of being rescued by a rich man and living a life of leisure (not very progressive); I am certainly glad that I am not confined to a life of a submissive housewife.
Not getting ya.

Shout out to all my gay brother and sister’s!!! Remember prop 8.
Do you remember what caused the failure?
Was it that Los Angeles wasn’t gay friendly; there is a whole area called boy’s town for gods sake.
It was because those who were against it made sure to vote and those who took it for granted stayed home. It has taken almost 6years to regain the momentum of equal marriage rights for homosexuals.
Would you say we could afford that same lag time with global warming, equal pay for woman, healthcare; true universal healthcare, solar energy and any other new innovation that we haven’t even discussed yet because we have been too busy, complacent, indifferent,
Un-conscientiously objecting
to finally resolve the ones we have.

So please, again, don’t let the crazy drunk guy continue to steer the ship, the plane, the congress, the senate. This is the system we have right here, right now, in front of you and me and US.
Until we are all engaged enough to change the system into something better…. Vote dammit.. It is the absolute least path of resistance, and you get a sticker

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