dark spot


trapped secret

trauma of an unknown origin

locked in a basement

Sticking shame further into the pipe

dependent comfort clings distant confidants on a safe space away

Fire lit

casting demon breath judging from a room with a view



Dragging hopes and dreams on the back of another

Repulsion on each end disappointed

blindness seen by the crowd

No shock to anyone shouting warnings delivered in tatters

Witches heart drawn out from bitter lines attached to predictable nature made manifest by experience of eons

superficial glue that patches together mosaics of a mighty force drunk on life illusion

Murky hell

Sad at green eyes indifferent to existence of life beyond itself

Banished and barred from feeling deeper than clinks of the glass

hence crazy living at the bottom

Worry piercing chords on the throat stopping ugly truth

the sizzling lesson caught in the gray of hidden angels lost by slumber

Higher wise scatters tangents purging discouragement lay hidden in the closet

finding the trap door to wonderland of lust possible

full speed false ambition

glory suit surrendered

branching off one choice from the disease beyond all practice to avoid sun of another day


Accepting love donations to contribute to my writing quest. No amount is too small to keep the dream alive. "A buck don't suck"




Washed wander wetlings dropped raw into the abyss

Split silent spat on false ground fed to the fire

Perfection dancing in raindrops whirling winds of lost chances

Speechless nostalgia torn back from careless slumber

Nothing left to determine who’s who and what’s what

Gliding bashfully on inspiration and impulse

Hop scotch and candy canes drawing nothing out of arrested bliss

Coffee cups and cigarettes plays double dutch to feel a bit

Dark shades upon the eyes to see another’s glory in fear to fade your own flame out

Sinking mud to swallow shallow formations in loose concrete paying homage to backward insight

Monuments to dull creation and lost dogs to give up the fight

Ghosts blowing tears off lady liberty and fairy godmother wrapping Alice in a blanket of wool

Warm bunnies crawling out of the wall to catch a frog tumbled hopefully from the sky.




Accepting love donations to contribute to my writing quest. No amount is too small to keep the dream alive. "A buck don't suck"


Do I hear Happiness in there#!?firstcycle

Minimum requirement for life pinched off

up the mountain blindly climbing
Receiving bread crumbs in thankless blood, sweat and tears

Minimum wage slapped the hand that feeds fast food bellies

to vote for more struggle in martyred justification

Holding your bladder in frozen smile lined up for the next task

Holy glory in overtime saving complaints to look good to the almighty

Dragging hollow bones to the time clock grumbling undigested cornflakes in the gut

Minimum expectation weaved and mined in dungeons our grandfather’s built

Speeding up the hamster wheel to trick reality into smelling plastic pansies

Walls closing in, hung with color pictures of conversational oasis

The gall I shame you to insist your feet soak in the tub to break blisters on the concrete floor

Retro fit the golden coffin nobly entitled to work ethic blue collar pride

Hyenas wander the ledges keeping out spiders gated throughout cookie cutter houses

Minimum effort in consequence of a bad attitude sourced from intuition locked in a closet

Small business taxing mummies to hold up its dream spiking the punch in drowsy baby cries

Shining the laser light towards the fancy key to take charge of the herd

Dissolving hope to soul death lost in the kinetic bubbling up of once upon a time

Fuzzy voices praising the potential of all you can be

Tasting the fire of sweet satisfaction doused in briny swampland catching fish through the tips of ragged fingertips

Ripping out the core of self-deprecating convenience making master rich patting obedience on the back

Done when the floor invites us to rest our head that tumbled the body off the bed barely capable to press the palms together forming an interception that shifts another day gone by in a new dimension

Inviting mass productivity to shake the stage and force a void in business as usual

Picket fence fallen on yellow grass blown to the wind with parched earth settled delicately on the fine leather seats in the weekend convertible un-garaged for the summer

Indentured servitude building your crystal castle at two shakes of a lambs tail and the promise of cocktails at the end of the day

Pencil skirt and Windsor knot parading powerhouse wisdom locked in uniformity to convince

the pocketbook that the ladder will appear in a smoke of praise gathered in exhaust fumes

No fight left to go up against a lineage of capital industry embedded in nature and driven by the invisible ghost possessed by us all

Shedding layers of self-esteem broken up by ambition to trophy attractions and love not of character but of status and steadiness

A club of masters that haze a generation on the backs of peasants and peacemakers with false compassion to the plight of the weak, lazy and loyal donkeys that tread through the canyon trails wishing for nothing less than unclaimed significance.

Loyal soldiers content to wear the badge that blood made sacred and suits made legal

Weary on my brother pulling his weight to hold the family together rocking the baby to sleep

Wonder more dear Mother watching the children play in the field of buttercups

Resting to dig deeper with the soul seekers blessing the wanderers escaping in patience and

giving new earth in simple satisfaction to  us all.

A paradise lost upon its victims and set behind a backdrop of revolution charmed in the book of history maybe to repeat and comfortable to not.





The upside of living a life worth waiting for

Noting the tap foot beat of right about now

left in my imagination to pull out a dream

So big Olly rabbit reminds my tired lobe to keep

That scurry in the shake shake shake of my hips

Lost in the curve of my once upon a time bounce in my booty

Still enough juice to strike my flat arse into gear and laugh at

the forced affirmations of gratitude sucking me out of this depression

And hope it sticks this time yet the glory of possibility seem like enough

while the love dance in my head reassures my bitter resolve that I can die a

peaceful death to have a chance at the toe dip

Slippery with a wink and a joy

To dare to fun

To dazzle

To see

An army of haters brought to their knees by the shift that made life purposeful

An ugly truth to fight against such gore in mission justified

A satisfaction so lovely that the blood of the warriors wipes smiles in our dust

A rock

And a hard

Bellowing alignment to each energy center

The crown of the head stings knowing this burst is bout to happen

Its done the machine of sideline sitting

And kiddy pool sailing

Wise to it

Red the blood of

Orange sunsets


The yellow washing fresh

the blues

At the Star midnight sparkle

in the eye of the center of the milky way

Retrieving us back to the start of a new civilization

Planted in the dirt of the ground below

Rooted strong

Swallowed up


Melted ash carried on the breeze

To a new day

To a new earth2017-02-13-17-21-00

Social Media

fullsizerender1Social media the friend at my side

Placing the world in a container made perfect to fit in the palm of my hand

Seduced to write to you all my joy and the pain

Compelled to feeling angry at the chaos that ices the path

Looking to you for comfort and validation

Crying out my loneliness for one soul to relate

Holding this solid flesh

To dream perhaps

Comparing the laughs that dominate my wall of theoretical connection

Posting the wisdom of the not so important leaders

Watching life pass before my very hands, Striking the keys with all caps desperation

Tenderness felt with every like soothing the temporary satisfaction of recognition

Ignoring the truth behind the pocket of hell yes and word up

Sizing up each impulse put before me to slide under the radar

Wishing for the one to hold my essence in fearless permission

Locked away in the corner stilted and bonded

Cleverly packaged in 140 characters of my many faces

I choose which to reveal to you today

Arguing my point backed up by conviction

Stepping up to nothing

Distracted by the carefree youngster candid in your photo

Forcing a smile to a celebration of yet another blustery act of self-empowerment

Kudos to the one who said it like that

Fight the power

Stand tall

Walk on sister

And other easy ways I support your cause

Showing up to nothing and requiring all of me to listen

Quizzed by the selection of reality that slips beyond the noise

Whispering needs to a soft crowd of diligent angels

Working hard to break the board

Against the grain of timeless illusion

Sitting pretty next to fluffy cats and dancing dogs

Picked ripe for the grasping