Social Media

fullsizerender1Social media the friend at my side

Placing the world in a container made perfect to fit in the palm of my hand

Seduced to write to you all my joy and the pain

Compelled to feeling angry at the chaos that ices the path

Looking to you for comfort and validation

Crying out my loneliness for one soul to relate

Holding this solid flesh

To dream perhaps

Comparing the laughs that dominate my wall of theoretical connection

Posting the wisdom of the not so important leaders

Watching life pass before my very hands, Striking the keys with all caps desperation

Tenderness felt with every like soothing the temporary satisfaction of recognition

Ignoring the truth behind the pocket of hell yes and word up

Sizing up each impulse put before me to slide under the radar

Wishing for the one to hold my essence in fearless permission

Locked away in the corner stilted and bonded

Cleverly packaged in 140 characters of my many faces

I choose which to reveal to you today

Arguing my point backed up by conviction

Stepping up to nothing

Distracted by the carefree youngster candid in your photo

Forcing a smile to a celebration of yet another blustery act of self-empowerment

Kudos to the one who said it like that

Fight the power

Stand tall

Walk on sister

And other easy ways I support your cause

Showing up to nothing and requiring all of me to listen

Quizzed by the selection of reality that slips beyond the noise

Whispering needs to a soft crowd of diligent angels

Working hard to break the board

Against the grain of timeless illusion

Sitting pretty next to fluffy cats and dancing dogs

Picked ripe for the grasping


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