Take the Mask Off


Take the mask off

Go deep dig under

Warp the false identity protecting the selling point

Washing out the twisted perception bent by time

Take the mask off

Stand naked in the level playing field of false bravado

Wishing past its master plan to keep it hidden

Faking the muster of dancing the prance and manipulating the story

Who your face is meant to be not the stare throwing them all down the beaten path

Rocking out noise of shaping its thunder

Making papier-mâché statues of me all mighty

Rolling the boulder to watch it fall to the end of have no doubt

Take the mask off

Reveal the real flaws and all

Thorny bush

Bastard to life

See my twine and draw it closer

Shaking my pounding chest to speak the words pressed silent by your dissident response

Merging all sense of chakra force stuck orange by the blues in my mouth

Take the mask off

Again in multiple pleads to channel a clear transmission into acceptance

Buoyed upon your doorstep and swept up by your tears

Touched with split personalities longing to be help in your arms

Swallowed shallow in the current

Bobbing lifeless to resist this wretched nonsense

See my face

Watch it grow through the lies standing upright for the cause strapped in defenseless

Wobble top my arrogance to do it alone

Grabbing at fingertips spread out so all will feel

Falling wept to mop it up

Dissolved to a puddle across the mirror

Smeared in black ink dripping off a masquerade of

Newly painted glitter

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