The upside of living a life worth waiting for

Noting the tap foot beat of right about now

left in my imagination to pull out a dream

So big Olly rabbit reminds my tired lobe to keep

That scurry in the shake shake shake of my hips

Lost in the curve of my once upon a time bounce in my booty

Still enough juice to strike my flat arse into gear and laugh at

the forced affirmations of gratitude sucking me out of this depression

And hope it sticks this time yet the glory of possibility seem like enough

while the love dance in my head reassures my bitter resolve that I can die a

peaceful death to have a chance at the toe dip

Slippery with a wink and a joy

To dare to fun

To dazzle

To see

An army of haters brought to their knees by the shift that made life purposeful

An ugly truth to fight against such gore in mission justified

A satisfaction so lovely that the blood of the warriors wipes smiles in our dust

A rock

And a hard

Bellowing alignment to each energy center

The crown of the head stings knowing this burst is bout to happen

Its done the machine of sideline sitting

And kiddy pool sailing

Wise to it

Red the blood of

Orange sunsets


The yellow washing fresh

the blues

At the Star midnight sparkle

in the eye of the center of the milky way

Retrieving us back to the start of a new civilization

Planted in the dirt of the ground below

Rooted strong

Swallowed up


Melted ash carried on the breeze

To a new day

To a new earth2017-02-13-17-21-00

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