picking daisies

I’m on a mountain timg_4813op
Birdseye to the world
Isolated on a cloud lonely with the sun
Self contamination waiting to be pierced by love
Set in a chamber of the room that disappears upon the spotlight
Absorbing the demarcation which  sparks us all
Topsey turvy keeping in step on the line of where I’m supposed to be.
In, above and below somersaulting to save a life
Touch a cheek
Break open a wish
Holding your brilliance in the palm of my hand naked to the senses
Boldly painted sweetly on each edge of the tug of war.
Not letting go
Never to make the move bounce
Sticking in the line in the sand

Mummed in the word of unspoken
Set on different islands manifesting the world
Sticking to a break in the ice
Plunged insulated by the current of forget me nots
He loves me

he loves
Another pedal floating to the ground with childish laughter bating it back
Risking it all in slow motion
Through thick framed glasses
Leaning on the countertop
One leg suspended poised in position to run the other way
Exquisitely defined jete
Scooped up by the angels of mercy sinking

majestically to dream it all away in the cotton folds of my bed.

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