By my Side

What do I need to do to get your attention

Toot my own horn



Depreciate my life in destructive depression

Covered in codependent wish you where here

A separate island

Your house of mystery

Mine decorated in chaotic pristine

Sun chimes mesmerizing my frantic mind

Serene indulgence

I’ll bury feelings with a smile




A distance so painful the dust caught in my nose

If the balloon could just pop and reveal all the world

World weary and determined to make us proud

Cat’s in the cradle

Silver spoon tarnished till I forgot to care

Conjuring up the best of circumstances dancing in your world

Anything to get a crumb

The beauty of white teeth

Validation and a nod

Daddyless daughter in disguise

Using love

Riding on its strings of I know better

And what else

Feeling the kindred


Karma to care less and love more


To the wit of the mundane that means everything

See me cry behind the glass fogged up

Wilting my flower

Needing your water

Reaching to the sun

Whispering now

My screams left silent to the one to bear witness

Monk wandering till the day


Casting my shadow




By my side



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