Call to You

What lies past all burdens casting servants onto the world.
A chirp of the bird soaring among the clouds.
How noisy a mind cascading ideas releasing productive misters and misses.
Soothing the newborn baby in its cry of universal tears.
Impoverished and desperate soldiers place each foot on the ground,
stomping to test the foundation which volcanoes made possible.

I call to you Oh heaven that my forefather had claimed.
Slighted by innovation and called by another name.

Oh True One
Oh Lord
Oh brethren of common law lay upon us this wisdom

Mercy and thunder speaks to hearty and heavy alike.
Pray not of this a different way but of wings eternal, freeing the part that is allowed to fly.

Oh Source
Oh Spirit
Oh Shepard of the moon call upon our beauty and leave the face behind.

The joyous be blessed as like the leper; for those who have been cast upon by demons know demons be cast upon
A chain broken by you.

Oh Dear One
Oh Beloved
Oh Great Teacher

A name I shall not speak in speaking dissolves its wonder.



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Grace & Lifelines

All is not lost as the grace and lifelines set me free

Walking a tightrope between sanity and ecstasy

Isolated in observational reverence of manifestations made rich

Gathering the last remnants of old parts fractured by insignificance in the eyes of the devil

Working past flashes of glory and victory made in memory and pastimes

Left rising out of a battered soul carrying the burden of German blood and African drums

Channeling all that is in me to make good on a promise set by a soft voice in yonder

Flashing through karmic distortions feeding on the nectar of the hummingbird and the spit of creation

Leaving a legacy of difference in the intention of forgotten and the wandering of spirit

Mercy on me to be the one who sheds light on all faults in a distant people and inquiring mind

Never ending the story of bruised knees and start over again to see it painted a new color

Walking a narrow thread between sorrow and jubilation.



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Hestia oh Hestia the warmth from your fire lights me up with rooted bliss

Calming the bitter winds of Oya’s loneliness beckoning me to open my heart

Compelling me to expand my mind

Swirling the life I’ve dared to dream with visions watching over my narrow view

Glittering sparkle of Sophia’s wings wrapped around my shoulders

Scraping off the attachments to what I knew and how I learned to cry


The white blanket dries my contemplative eyes in warming hibernation

shivers of glory sneaks under the covers peaking one eye out the window

witnessing the quiet of the trees tender seduction

isolated by nature

a welcoming cave to the inner compartments of my soul coated in sweetness of

a good cup of coffee and a birds-eye view of the Olympian striving to be all that we

compare ourselves to be

A day gone by with not much to show for it by the standards set from the mountain on high

Simple whisps of satisfaction float like bubbles off the stove popping as it hits the burner

and reinvents itself between my palms giving grace to the bounty before me

A candle lights my way as the sound of the storm feels like an intruder wanting to break in

The yoga mat all set up for this winter visitor to dance circles around my tight muscles

and set the pace of my breath to the sound of the wind

My crystals all set up to the surge of power harnessed by the moon

ready to move us all closer to our own center of the world

close enough to touch one another

to kiss the light of the loving-ness between us

never to be apart again

in the silliness

of separation


The upside of living a life worth waiting for

Noting the tap foot beat of right about now

left in my imagination to pull out a dream

So big Olly rabbit reminds my tired lobe to keep

That scurry in the shake shake shake of my hips

Lost in the curve of my once upon a time bounce in my booty

Still enough juice to strike my flat arse into gear and laugh at

the forced affirmations of gratitude sucking me out of this depression

And hope it sticks this time yet the glory of possibility seem like enough

while the love dance in my head reassures my bitter resolve that I can die a

peaceful death to have a chance at the toe dip

Slippery with a wink and a joy

To dare to fun

To dazzle

To see

An army of haters brought to their knees by the shift that made life purposeful

An ugly truth to fight against such gore in mission justified

A satisfaction so lovely that the blood of the warriors wipes smiles in our dust

A rock

And a hard

Bellowing alignment to each energy center

The crown of the head stings knowing this burst is bout to happen

Its done the machine of sideline sitting

And kiddy pool sailing

Wise to it

Red the blood of

Orange sunsets


The yellow washing fresh

the blues

At the Star midnight sparkle

in the eye of the center of the milky way

Retrieving us back to the start of a new civilization

Planted in the dirt of the ground below

Rooted strong

Swallowed up


Melted ash carried on the breeze

To a new day

To a new earth2017-02-13-17-21-00


Noise, noisy,branches.jpg noise

Static against the back of my brain

Twisting logic into sermons on the mount

Angry push to win me over

All the stops pulled

Tailgating in the fast lane

Overpowered by a sincere act of listening

Wake me up when November ends

And the ice caps melt

this gap in the dessert of self -indulgent mental maneuvering

Lost in a who cares and a what for

Beyond the setting sun shining light around the golden birch

Changing the scene yet again

Facing the relief of the familiar

Softness clouding above the

Screech, screechy, screech

Patience within the back of my heart