Call to You

What lies past all burdens casting servants onto the world.
A chirp of the bird soaring among the clouds.
How noisy a mind cascading ideas releasing productive misters and misses.
Soothing the newborn baby in its cry of universal tears.
Impoverished and desperate soldiers place each foot on the ground,
stomping to test the foundation which volcanoes made possible.

I call to you Oh heaven that my forefather had claimed.
Slighted by innovation and called by another name.

Oh True One
Oh Lord
Oh brethren of common law lay upon us this wisdom

Mercy and thunder speaks to hearty and heavy alike.
Pray not of this a different way but of wings eternal, freeing the part that is allowed to fly.

Oh Source
Oh Spirit
Oh Shepard of the moon call upon our beauty and leave the face behind.

The joyous be blessed as like the leper; for those who have been cast upon by demons know demons be cast upon
A chain broken by you.

Oh Dear One
Oh Beloved
Oh Great Teacher

A name I shall not speak in speaking dissolves its wonder.



Accepting heartfelt donations of any amount. Deep appreciation and thank you for helping me keep the dream alive.


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