Coretta Sing

Coretta Scott

A letter read

Elizabeth Warren berated

Coretta sing

Coretta strong

I oppose

Justice hear our voice


Sweet home Alabama

Sung around the fire

A summer anthem


A woman

Black silky skin speaks

Chill the free exercise of the ballot

Walk with me

Violin sounds in the distance


Intimidate and frighten

Elderly black voters

Get off the bus


Still she STANDs

A shabby attempt Mr. Man





Reprehensible conduct rewarded to the highest office

Have deaf ears lost this legacy


Divine Masculine rooted together towards a better kind of life


prayers to die a natural death

Love in calculation


A KING of KIND and dinner on the table

Resolve made immortal

Service by two and the work goes on though she grieves

A podium set in a pool of blood


Peace by a nation

Reaching past a vison of short sight

Inspiration by a movement

Left in our hands and a holiday🙏🏽





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