Grace & Lifelines

All is not lost as the grace and lifelines set me free

Walking a tightrope between sanity and ecstasy

Isolated in observational reverence of manifestations made rich

Gathering the last remnants of old parts fractured by insignificance in the eyes of the devil

Working past flashes of glory and victory made in memory and pastimes

Left rising out of a battered soul carrying the burden of German blood and African drums

Channeling all that is in me to make good on a promise set by a soft voice in yonder

Flashing through karmic distortions feeding on the nectar of the hummingbird and the spit of creation

Leaving a legacy of difference in the intention of forgotten and the wandering of spirit

Mercy on me to be the one who sheds light on all faults in a distant people and inquiring mind

Never ending the story of bruised knees and start over again to see it painted a new color

Walking a narrow thread between sorrow and jubilation.



Accepting love donations to contribute to my writing quest. No amount is too small to keep the dream alive. "A buck don't suck"





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