Crazy Is

a woman scorned heartbroken and shattered

Neglected by a prison of her own making

Deeply feeling the cut of every broken promise lied so stylishly through paper doll lips

Crazy Is

thinking higher of the brilliant mind’s potential barely reflected in the truth of the day

Seduced into believing her presences can blast down the wall made thick by nature’s blows

Crazy Is

the reaction of cold heart nostalgia in brushing off all past lovers as unsteady and overbearing

Denial of whose hand grips the sword of silence

Falsely offering friendship as bread crumbs for severance to untrue love

Crazy Is

holding on to fleeting connection as if it were a human right to bear witness to another soul standing bare chested, exposed and short of breath

Dissolving all trace of you, me and us for gut wrenching survival to get out of the maze

Crazy Is

Pretending at grown up while playing teenage fling shocking the system to contemplate forever

Ripping through the silky web of polite interaction in front of sheer rage and hate

all those thing we are meant to keep tucked away in composure

Sweeping clean depressed longing and shame raised by a family of wolves dressed as sheep

Quick to avoid the view of the other in order to appear

Not so





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