dark spot


trapped secret

trauma of an unknown origin

locked in a basement

Sticking shame further into the pipe

dependent comfort clings distant confidants on a safe space away

Fire lit

casting demon breath judging from a room with a view



Dragging hopes and dreams on the back of another

Repulsion on each end disappointed

blindness seen by the crowd

No shock to anyone shouting warnings delivered in tatters

Witches heart drawn out from bitter lines attached to predictable nature made manifest by experience of eons

superficial glue that patches together mosaics of a mighty force drunk on life illusion

Murky hell

Sad at green eyes indifferent to existence of life beyond itself

Banished and barred from feeling deeper than clinks of the glass

hence crazy living at the bottom

Worry piercing chords on the throat stopping ugly truth

the sizzling lesson caught in the gray of hidden angels lost by slumber

Higher wise scatters tangents purging discouragement lay hidden in the closet

finding the trap door to wonderland of lust possible

full speed false ambition

glory suit surrendered

branching off one choice from the disease beyond all practice to avoid sun of another day


Accepting love donations to contribute to my writing quest. No amount is too small to keep the dream alive. "A buck don't suck"



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