On Remembrance America Great

kids one with hand on heart copy

Twisting through vines to catch a glimpse of
the American Dream
separated by the color of our skin
the degree on our wall and the Greens situated in our back pocket.
Noticing oblivious the pathology our nation inherited to heal.
All of us wandering dazed as one working to figure out how to cultivate peace we Yearn to feel in our HEART.
Failing over and again in bitter annoyance of ambition grown tired.
Stop the choke hold blinding the knowledge
we throw our hands up in surrender to a wiser power.
The music remembers and unites us year after year to celebrate the sacrifice of each little brown, black, red white and blue warrior trudging the waters of history.
Looking at the details in our own little puddle outside our doorstep; once in a full moon recognizing that the reflection is not the source.
Peer deeper
Touch the vessel
Hear the message when back to back suspicion removes the knife
We face the pain together Acknowledging:
One nation
Under G
Cross my heart
Honor to thee
Who die

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