Why I Sell OUT…

IMG_0985Why I sell out……to survive
…..Pay the bills
Feed my belly when it growls
Squint your eyes and gaze into the expansion piled before me
Foaming with the turbulent tide of the under-toe
Vibrating for maybe more
Smoking high adventures in silky jammies binding the prisoner
To the pink padded cell block wired with leaders, teachers and warlords
Nit-pick critiquing your vulnerability till you fit the mold they provide.
Wage counting and noticing every peanut thrown my way in a ball of
Chump change on the night stand. Phone tap I see you watching me locked away in nonsensical surveillance to keep me in my robotic place I was hired to be.
Downton style hierarchy shedding its skin onto the dirty floor
Shining brightly in the silver spoon reflecting the florescent, bur bur, cubby of monotony in the mind.
Spilling the gossip juice uniting us artificially into smiling submission of Gods and Goddess programing the herd to Jump when I say “Time to lean”  Y’es sir my urine is on the table…. Clean as a Whistle
And ready to watch the time clock shift the beat of the bio-rhythms
………..and hold the breath till
I rise and rise and rise to see it another way.
Trickle out love to respect the joint inheritance of collaboration
I support your vision
Would you support mine
Lift the light of one and All are sure to follow
Peer into my eyes and see how much you know of the puzzle connecting us to one another
The vacuum is not just for cleaning
a mission beyond money that breads prosperity
in its irony I fail to grasp
while being pushed to see its value and spread its gospel
Singing in any way shape or form to be heard by my own disbelief.
Removing the sticky tape placed on me
by the society

2 thoughts on “Why I Sell OUT…

  1. This is very deep. It speaks to many of us caught in this turbulent cycle known as industrial life. Great job 🙂

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