IMG_1198Take me to your time machine
the magical mystery portal and look into the soft light that separates our experience by a string and replays all our relations in the form of a face.
Spin your Tasmanian turbulence into a web capturing the silk of validation attached to a warped perspective.
Resist, rebel and restate the true nature of trust floating on a dotted dime wishing for a different outcome beyond separation.
Grow apart from the cabin fever propelling rock formations up to the dessert sky and rain down liberty lifted from the battle wounds sourced from an unknown place.
Replace me for your conflict hiding in the thick thin of my skin
Smile beyond belief shining teeth so spotless that the glow of your lies bounce off the back of my laugh.
Voodoo spells don’t win me over no matter the intention in which they sit, satisfied, justified, beautified.. I correct your own good for my own sake in the best interest of all that the buck stops with.
Uninvited to be in my presence when the present goes against the expectation laid on high down the drain shame rejected in the space of love broken with a STOP
being who you are unless your R supports my R and is mutually agreed upon. Sistermom does suffer the role described by the box above the mantle stimulating our eyes in subtle recognition with little forgiveness for the real thing.
Look under the covers to witness the bed is made, the chores are done, delegate inside to the capable trail
blazing in the sky
towards the decade left behind
fogging up the mirror set seated shotgun boldfaced, out grown
and rectified to the angry core delivered equally among generations of ageless communion stinging a growth set among independent beauty.  The kind not spoken so setting the sun forced forward with graceness shaking systems to run.IMG_1263 (2)

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